High Traffic Academy Or iPAS2 To Help Build Your Business Faster?

In order to make a significant income online, you’re going to need to capture as much traffic as possible. If you’ve been researching how to capture web traffic to your website and take the most advantage of technology, then there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon something called High Traffic Academy.

high traffic academy reviewCreated by Vick Strizheus, High Traffic Academy has been dubbed as one of the best traffic generation training programs on the Internet. However, there are several similar programs on the Internet that have proven to be scams.

Is High Traffic Academy legit or is it another over-hyped product?

What is High Traffic Academy?

To put it simple, High Traffic Academy (HTA) is an online generation program that shows members exactly how to drive very targeted traffic to their websites, sales pages, or lead capture pages. The focus of HTA is to use paid traffic to generate leads and/or sales but you can use free traffic generation methods as well.

Developed by Vick Strizheus, HTA is one of the most complete training programs on the internet. Vick is an expert in the traffic generation field and he’s spent over 8 years marketing his pages using various types of advertising sources on the Internet.

The best part about HTA is that Vick doesn’t just show you how to obtain high quality traffic. Instead, Vick takes it a step further by showing you exactly how to optimize your pages so you can convert better. You’ll be able to squeeze more value out of every advertising dollar you spend.

What about SEO or other forms of organic traffic?

High Traffic Academy does not focus on SEO or any other form of organic traffic. However, some of the tips can be used for these types of traffic. Still, although organic traffic can be great for you, paid traffic enables you to rapidly scale your business, which obviously means more traffic and revenue for you.

Three Business Elements of HTA and iPAS 2

HTA’s main focus is on what are referred to as the three pillars.

They are:

• Web Development
• Traffic Creation
• List Control

iPAS2 is focused on systems, funnel, and sales presentations that you can help brand your self and your business faster.

High Traffic Lead Capture Development

Website development is essential for your success because it will help you create a capture/sales page that is appealing to your visitors and entice them to sign up for whatever you’re offering. Things like buying a domain name, hosting, and building the right capture page are all included.

High Traffic Content Creation

The traffic creation section of the course is where you’ll find the golden nuggets. This is where you’ll find the various advertising sources for developing your business. They are eight different modules in this section that will show you exactly how to advertise on various platforms.

High Traffic Funnel and List Control

The final section of HTA will help you learn how to build a list and turn those subscribers into sales. After all, this is where you’re going to really make your money. Therefore, you’ll want to pay extra attention to this section once you’ve developed your list and are starting to mail them.

iPAS2 vs High Traffic Academy 2.0

What is better? The new iPAS2 supercharged marketing system or the Elite High Traffic Academy training program?

what is ipas2

Since Internet marketing is constantly transforming and new traffic sources are always available, it is vital you have the latest information.

We believe they serve as 2 different functions and features.

When you search for any ipas2 review, you will see people getting results in their business without lethal injection (meaning forceful nature) in their marketing efforts.

This is because Chris Jones and his new iPAS2 business formula are able to help you setup and get rolling fast.

Vick Strizheus HTA Elite focuses on how to generate massive amounts of targeted traffic and customers.

Vick has upgraded and updated all of the information mentioned in HTA 1.0 and will be releasing this in HTA 2.0. However, if you purchase HTA, then you’ll automatically gain access to all future upgrades of HTA, including HTA 2.0.

HTA is definitely one of the best traffic generation training programs on the Internet. If you’re a beginner marketer looking to get into the game, then you’ll find High Traffic Academy worth every penny.