How Dubli Shopping Technology is Killing Job Opportunities

Technology has made our lives easier than ever since we no longer need to leave the comfort of our home to buy what we need and can have the luxury of shopping online. But is that unknowingly killing our job opportunities and hurting our chances at maintaining the status quo?

The Internet has completely transformed the way we shop. Because of the abundant benefits and advantages of online shopping, most people prefer shopping online over traditional methods of purchasing things. The following are a few benefits of using your computer (and Dubli's cash back toolbar) to buy what you want:

Better prices

Majority of online stores offer prices that are much better that what you can get from an ordinary physical store. There’re a number of reasons for this;

· The first reason is because people use the internet to search for cheaper items and thus business owners reduce their profit margin to get more customers.

· Another reason is because people may not be required to pay tax unless the store is located in their state.

· The last reason is because people can easily browse via dozens of webs to get the best price.


The convenience of online shopping is what attracts most people. Unlike leaving your house to shop, online you can shop late at night while you are wearing pajamas.

You don’t have to wait in a queue or till the shop attendant is ready to serve you with your purchases. You are able to do your shopping in a few minutes even when you are busy, thus saving a lot of time.

Price Comparison

Online shops make it possible for you to compare prices as well as products. They also offer the ability to review and share info with other shoppers who have first-hand experience with a retailer or product. Websites similar to Ebay (also review Dubli Network) let you read and compare prices from other websites while saving you money by showing the best prices.

Discreet purchases

Some items are better bought in privacy. Online stores are good for discreet shopping like sexy lingerie, adult toys and so on, it enables you to shop for these items without the embarrassment that there’re people watching you and your choices.


The Majority of physical outlets have a limited number of products. They cannot store a lot of items and there are many policies and procedures that affect the availability of the products. Shopping online offers you the opportunity to get multiple products that you would not be able to get in an ordinary store.


If you like to avoid huge crowds when you are shopping, then the future of online shopping is the way to go. Huge crowd forces you to conduct a hurried shopping most of the time, especially during holidays and festive seasons.

Crowns can also gives you a headache when it comes to finding a parking place. At the end is up to you whether you decide to shop online or go to the stores but it’s a great plus that technology has gives us the freedom to choose.