Technologically Advanced Top Tactical Flashlights Of 2016: The Shadowhawk X800

When walking through darkness empty handed, the most thing that keeps clicking in the mind is what if there are attackers. It is easy to counter this by carrying a small gadget that can improve your confidence while walking in darkness. A tactical flashlight will keep you walking without a sense of fear. A top tactical flashlights is a light small torch that is made to withstand jungle conditions; this is made possible by the use of military-grade material

Benefits of having a tactical flashlight

–Helps in lighting up dark places
Walking in darkness is stressful; it is even made worse if the street is known for crimes. Having something in hand that can help you to light up your walking way is of great help. The light also helps you to navigate through the street while more alert. In case of a sudden attack, light can save you by illuminating directly into the attackers eyes thus immobilizing him for a while

–Weaponry use
Most of these flashlights are made of tough materials in order to withstand severe jungle conditions. This feature enables them to be used as a weapon in time attack without being destroyed.

–Small sized and cheap
The flashlights are usually small sized; this is an important aspect since they can be comfortably be carried in pockets and small handbags. Furthermore, it requires a few dollars to purchase one, unlike other safety gadgets.

–Easy to use and travel with
While traveling, a flashlight is one of most simple thing to carry without causing alarm. Whether on an air flight, a bus or in an office people will not get nervous as compared to a person carrying a gun. On the other hand, using it is very simple as it entails just pressing the button.

How to use tactical flashlight

tactical flashlights guideIt can be used as a weapon itself during the time of an attack, aim the beam of light to the attacker’s eyes then as he recovers from light distraction, use the torch to instill some discipline. Most of these flashlights are equipped with bezel at the back. If you have a gun, hold it with one hand and aim it to the attacker, hold the flashlight with the other hand while maintaining it at the level with your head. This improves accuracy, as one is sure of where to fire. While walking in darkness avoid full-time light, as this will make it easy for the attacker to target you. Rather switch on the light, scan the area then switch off. Repeat the procedure at intervals.

After having the basic tips about a tactical flashlight, here is one recommend for a purchase. Shadowhawk X800. This flashlight is one of the most technologically advanced today. To add on that, construction is by use of high tensile airplane class aluminum to resist damage. It has proved suitable for different situations making it ideal for police, army, and hunters.
Shadowhawk X800 mode of action

This flashlight is amazing; it is the brightest flashlight in the market. X800 is designed to emit a 100 times more light than a camera flash. With this kind of illumination, the attacker will experience total blackout leaving him/her stranded.

Characteristics Of The Shadowhawk X800

It is equipped with five modes that enable to choose the best performing as per the situation demands. These modes are; SOS, strobe, low, medium and high.
Batteries; 3 rechargeable with a capacity to run 100,000 hours nonstop.
Bulbs; LED with power capacity of 800 lumens.
Body; made by airplane class aluminum. It is water and dust proof and at the back, it has a bezel, which can be used in striking.
The Shadowhawk X800 is enhanced with telescopic zooming technologies.
Price; $200.

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