How You Can Choose the Best Non-Lethal Weapon for You

How You Can Choose the Best Non-Lethal Weapon for You

Self-protection is one of the things that people are concerned about at present time. They know that walking alone at night can be a problem. There is a big chance that someone will get close to them, rob them, or do something bad to them. It is always going to be useful to have some night vision devices. This will help you detect if there are some intruders nearby.

Most Effective Non-Lethal Weapon for Civil Usage

Some people might make the mistake of going to the nearest shop to find the right weapon. Some will even go online and try to find the weapon that they can order. Things should not work that way. You should first make an effort to take a look at the different weapons that are available.

It will help if you would check the following:

  • Size of the item that you want to use
  • The area where you are going to use the item
  • Portability
  • Accessibility

You would like to have something that is portable and accessible. This means that you can bring it out whenever you would need it.

Some of the common items that people bring with them are the following:

  1. Pepper Spray – This is one of the things that people can bring with them wherever they go out. This needs to be placed somewhere wherein the person will be able to get the item without a lot of effort. The spray will then be used on the assailant’s eyes so that people will not be able to see for a certain period of time.
  2. Stun Gun – People would like to use this when they have to get away from their assailant. This is non-lethal because the effect on the intruder will only be temporary. It will give you time to getaway.
  3. Tactical Flashlight – There was a time when this was only used by the people in the military. This has changed considerably over the past years. It has started to become more available to people over the years. This is made out of strong materials that will not immediately break down. The light coming from the tactical flashlight will also be enough to blind the assailant for a short time.

Most Painful Non-Lethal Weapon

There are different weapons that are non-lethal that can sometimes be used. Some people say that this can be hard to experience. The effects may be temporary but they are sometimes more painful than a bullet wound.

Some say that the most painful non-lethal weapon is the non-lethal claymore. This will work the same way as a claymore which means that when it explodes, there are going to be a lot of small balls that will hurt assailants.

What makes this non-lethal weapon non-lethal is the fact that it will not make use of steel pellets. Rubber balls will be used instead which means that they will not be enough to kill people but they can be extremely painful.

A runner-up to this is the pain ray. From the name itself, you can already guess that using this will be enough to cause pain. The pain ray will make use of the millimeter waves. This can be enough to generate heat underneath the skin of the person. This will make people feel like they are burning even if they are not.


There are a lot of painful devices that can be used in order to deter possible assailants. This can be great when you do not want to kill anyone but you want to give people an experience that they will not forget for a long time.

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