Non-Lethal Weapons for Your House Protection

Non-Lethal Weapons for Your House Protection

Do you know that there are different people whose homes have become victimized? You know that you do not want this to happen to you. You would like to have the right weapons that can give your home the protection that it needs. Night vision devices will help you detect if there are some intruders.

Some people usually go to the nearest gun shop in order to pick up a firearm. The thought that you would be able to kill someone can be enough to make you feel scared. This is not something that you would like to do. You just want to protect yourself. You can find non-lethal ammo for house protection weapon that you can use instead.

Best Non-Lethal Devices for House Protection

You should realize that non-lethal devices are now available. This can be very efficient to protect you and your home. There are some defense weapons that are available for house protection. You can learn more about these weapons so that you can decide which one will work best for your needs.

  1. Blunt Devices – A blunt object can be very helpful when you are trying to create some distance between you and your attacker. The great thing about this is that you can just exert some force into it. You can control the amount of force that you will exert.

Some examples of blunt objects are the following:

  • A baseball bat – This is usually made of strong materials.
  • Baton – This will provide the same reach as a baseball bat but this is collapsible which means that you can have more space whenever you need it.
  • Tactical Flashlight – A lot of people love using tactical flashlights. They can provide the type of light that people need in the darkness. At the same time, this is made out of strong materials so it will not break down when you use it against your assailant.
  • Low-Priced Stun Guns – You know that you do not want to kill the offender. You need a gun that can make people feel scared. You need something that can stop them from doing some further damage to your home. A stun gun will make potential intruders feel afraid.
  • Pepper Gel Spray – You want to use something that will temporarily incapacitate the assailant. This is one of the most popular non-lethal weapons that people have right now. There are different brands that are available though. You can choose the one that will be perfect for your needs. Some will be more effective than others.
  • Bean Bag Gun – Some people are not familiar with this but this can be very effective for people who would like to knock down assailants. Let us say that your assailant is less than 20 feet a day. You can definitely use this properly. The bean bag rounds can go at a very fast rate. Just remember that this can sometimes be lethal. If you do not want to hurt your assailant, make sure that you will not direct it towards the throat or face.
  • Taser Pulse – The great thing about this is that you can already connect it to your phone. People will be alerted if this is fired. This means that you can get help faster than you have expected. You can halt and disable assailants even when they are a bit far away.


There is always a need to protect yourself and your home from harm. The right non-lethal weapon will make sure that you will stay protected without having to hurt anyone lethally. Research about the different weapons available so that you can make your choice.

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