The Deadliest Non-Lethal Weapon You Can Use

The Deadliest Non-Lethal Weapon You Can Use

People in the military go through a lot of training. The military does not really want to kill anyone. They do not want to hurt anyone who would be doing a lot of training. They just need it to make people stronger.

Sometimes, the military would use different weapons to ensure that people will stay away. When people are subjected to pain, their natural tendency is to make sure that they will not feel the same amount of pain again. For some people, these weapons are painful enough that they would be wishing that their pain will just stop while they are experiencing it.

Non-Lethal Weapon in a Military Sphere

The mission of the military is to make sure that the nation will always be protected from harm. They want to provide a certain type of dominance. The usual reasons why the military makes use of non-lethal weapons are the following:

  • Warn and stop people from going to some unchartered territories
  • They can serve as protective equipment for the military.
  • They can also be used for training the military.

Now that you know why there are non-lethal weapons that are available, it is time for you to know what type of non-lethal weapons are normally used.

The Deadliest Non-Lethal Weapon for Military Usage

The deadliest non-lethal weapon can vary from one person to another. Still, people cannot deny that people usually say that the Pulsed Energy Projectile is probably one of the worst non-lethal weapons that they have experienced.

This is a very painful weapon that fires short laser bursts. If you think that this does not hurt, you have to remember that this will be painful enough that it will create plasma on the top portion of the skin. It also does not help that those who will get hit by it will usually anticipate it because of the loud bang and flash.

A lot of people say that after they have been hit by this product, their skin would look like they have been hit by mini grenades. Once again, this can be very painful but it is not lethal. There are instances when it can be deadly though especially if people get hit in more sensitive places such as their face or their neck.


There are still other military items that are deadly for a lot of people. For example, people do not want to experience the plasma shield. This is occasionally lethal especially when it hits people in different ways. These non-lethal weapons work in different ways. Some would need to be fired in the air and there will be different bursts of light that will affect those who will get hit. Some would be fired directly on people’s eyes and other body parts to provide maximum damage without killing anyone.

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